Guten Rutsch!

Tomorrow the year 2oo7 comes to an end. This post’s title is what we use to say to each other before the 31st of December and if you translate this directly it means “good slide”. Well, sounds strange in English though.

What are you guys talking about??? I mean I saw Charlie’s Angels last week as well, because it was on TV but… Hans, even though I have no idea what you were talking about, I think you are taking things way too serious in your holidays…

If René reads this: I have added you to my contacts in XING but I am not a paying member and this means I can do nothing there. This is why I didn’t write you a message.

OK guys… I hope everyone is fine. Don’t party too much tomorrow! I hope to speak to you soon in the new year… I will be on Skype on the 1st for some hours, so feel free to come along… online at least.


P.S.: Cirque’s KA was on TV here! Great show… :-)

I found it!

Eyal, you know the line “damn you Salazar!” we were talking about and I thought it was from Toy Story? Well, I was wrong, it’s from Charlie’s Angels! I’m so glad I finally found it, it’s like a weight taken off my chest.

Anyhow, back to eating christmas cakes. More later.

your daily HProphet.

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Radio silence…

First of all: Merry Christmas to all people celebrating it – in some way or another. It is good to hear that you are back home Hans. But you have to hurry up with your recovery, because you have all the half-half ingredients in your room in Liverpool and I am not sure for how long Eyal and I will be able to resist breaking into your room then… 😉

I was away for a few days in the mountains, the weather was brilliant and we do have as much snow as Hans in Norway… not a lot but it was white Christmas… well a bit at least. I didn’t have internet were I was and the last days I couldn’t decide on what to write here or anywhere and therefore decided to stay away from the virtual reality for a while. But it seems I am back now…

It looks like I will be designing the lighting for a musical for Graham next year the first days of March in Birmingham. The details are not set yet, but it should be quite good though. Haven’t worked on my FRP yet and I really hope that some miracle happens soon and I get a little bit of enthusiasm for this project as I feel at the moment it might not be very good otherwise.

I got the Northern Lights trilogy for Christmas and I am currently reading “The golden compass”, which is slightly different to the film… I also wanted to read Harry Potter again and “The green mile” follows me since I was on the airport before Christmas.

So now, this year is almost over and I am trying to decide whether it was a good or a bad year. There were a lot of good things and also quite a lot of bad things this year which makes it difficult to decide. But it doesn’t really matter I think. Ahead of us lies the future, no matter what calenders say. And the future starts now, the very next second that is going to run down the never ending stream of time and we will only know what it brings, when the time has come.

… Oh well, Christmas messes with my thoughts I think. Speak to you soon, maybe on Skype… have a good time!


Happy 11 days after Chanuka!!!

Well like a good Jewish family on Christmas we are all getting very excited about a good Lunch tomorrow, and opening presents that are currently sitting under a Yucca plant that we have affectionately named the Chanuka Bush! i got my brother. Mario Galaxy on the Wii, I got Lauren two stuffed Dolls that have a small wheat pocket in them so you can microwave them and then cuddle them in bed and they stay warm for hours, i got my mother an aquarium with gravel, a plant, a giraffe head that opens and closes when it releases bubbles, customized stickers from and a little underwater LED spotlight, with a little school of Zebra Dario’s, My sister has an alarm clock which when the alarm rings a small propeller launches itself across the room and the only way to stop it ringing is to retrieve the propeller and put it back in, and my father a new set of binoculars. These exciting gifts, tomorrow wonderfully anticipated meal altogether with Hans’ return home for Christmas this proves to be a very merry Christmas after all. Hope all is well with you Georg as you have been maintaining radio silence.

Lauren sends more Love than Line!

P.S Don’t tell my grandparents we celebrate Christmas!!

Eyal Is Really finally taking a break!

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and some updates…

Hello to all. So, I got out of hospital on Friday, but I am still not completely well yet, so my return to Liverpool will be as delayed as it has to be for me to get well.

We have very little snow and a couple of degrees below 0, so it’s not the best winter so far, but more snow has been promised sometimes this week. Now all is ready for christmas, the tree is decorated, the ginger bread house assembled and the lamb, or “pinnekjøtt” as we call it, is in water for tomorrow. This nice, cosy and warm feeling is setting over the land and I really look forward to some nice days the next week.

I hope all of you are enjoying yourself as well, and I wish that you may have a wonderfull last week of this year and I am looking forward to seeing you all again in the next  year!

Line sends her love to all of you as well!

Blessings upon the society and it’s members.

HaPpy christmas!

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Get well soon!

Hmm, this sounds a bit worrying Hans. I hope the people “working” on you will find out what is wrong with you at the moment. I was thinking about things in the Lodge that could perhaps cause these problems. The only thing I could think of is: Did you try this blue topping on your ice cream one day…? 😉 OK – bad joke. But besides that, I don’t know if it has something to do with the house… maybe something to do with the mould we discovered recently in the dining room? This does cause problems sometimes, or better the mould spores in the air…

Eyal… I will not tell you that you have to sleep at some point. You should know by now anyway.

Here it is freezing cold, with about -5°C and very cold wind from the North – so basically from where you guys are… It is grey all day long and I am already quite bored without the Lodge people. Well, Christmas is on its way and of course, I have no presents what so ever yet. Tomorrow I will go shopping and see what I can find. And Eyal: Do not write about the FRP EVERY AGAIN!!!! I was just trying not to think about it…. 😉

OK, Hans, get well soon and let us know about the outcome… (doesn’t need to be here in the www) and: Give yourself a bit of rest before coming back to business again…


my situation

Forgive my bad grammar and spelling, but I am experiencing a reduced visual and neurological functions at the moment. I am in Trondheim, but currently admitted at st. Olav’s Hospital. They don’t know what is wrong with me, they have a few theories but are still working on it.

Don’t know how long I will be here, but rest assured, I will recover and be back in business  according to schedule. If you want to reach me, use my Norwegian mobile number. See you!


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