So we knew that i would be assistant Director on Oliver Twist here in London! But I am now the Assistant Director of the entire Love and Madness Theatre company who are ALSO producing La Ronde in August! So I have my work cut out for me! I will be assisting the Lovely Abigail Anderson, and Neil Sheppeck, who is artistic Director of Love and Madness. All very very exciting… I met Neil and Nicky (the designer of La Ronde) today and will be in contact with out company manager soon!


Did I mention this is exciting.

Thank you for being so patient!

Quick update

So, it seems like I have to update this here as well now. OK, so here it comes…

The weather here is wonderful and was very hot lately. (Refer to last blog post 😉 – and no Hans… I was not bored at all…) Today there was a slight break from the heat but tomorrow and the weekend will be very hot again. Perfect time to go and see a film in the open-air cinema! Yes I know Eyal… you would like to have that, too. I am sorry…

My parents are away on vacation from Saturday on, so this means I will have a more Liverpool-like feeling again, doing what I want and so on… 😉

What else..? Oh yes, “we” reached the final of the European Championship and will be fighting Spain as it looks now. It is a complete miracle to me how we could reach the final because with the exception of one match the team was incredibly bad. But well, in the end it is only the result that counts. (And we had to win again Turkey though…)

OK, that should be it for now. Hans, yes, nice blog title – a bit military perhaps but hey… 😉

Bye bye…

Report from BLS-1 advance Northern division…

Or something like that… I just like cool post names. :p

(*edit: I just realised this will be my 80th post on this blog. Yey me!)

I figured an update from the land of mountains is in order, seeing as I haven’t spoken to any of you in some time now. On saturday, the dancers performed Frameless at Sunndal culture festival in Sunndalsøra, which is on the west of Norway at the deep end of a fjord. The day before we went hiking in the mountains and we had lots of fun and got to see some amazing sceenery. For those of you who don’t know, Sunndalsøra is where Line and her family lives. On Sunday, myself and mr. Manchester and ms. Ireland set course for Trondheim, where we have been playing tourists for the past two days, visitng old places and local pubs. Today we are taking the train to Oslo, where we will spend Thursday and the better part of Friday before we go to Signhild’s place on Friday evening to see a show she has put together with the kids she is teaching.

On Sunday this week our paths will diverge, the foreigners will head back to the pool of life whilst I will stay with Signhild for a week or so. I also plan on finding a place to stay in Oslo at some point, as that would be quite usefull to have when I get back from Edinburgh.

That was all for now. Have fun, take care and all that… Miss you all.

Holiday Plans

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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Well… its taken me a month… this is by far the longest amount of time it has taken me to read such a short book…. but I have FINALLY finished it… It was very very hard work for some parts… but boy what a payoff in the end!

I also finished painting my room today I get the wood for shelves tomorrow! exciting exciting exciting!

Now im going to start reading “A prayer for Owen Meanie” under the recommendation of Georg!


Or better: Hot is…

Never tried, but it seems to be quite hot. Already tried and not always experienced the best way, because…

… it can be quite hot.

Some people told me, and this is something I only heard about, because some people maybe, perhaps, think that this is hot: (I was told, maybe, perhaps…)


And hey – how does “hot” Mitch Hewer look in comparison?


Exactly…! And for all of you thinking I made a joke:


What I actually wanted to say is that it is very hot here at the moment… but I got carried away…. a bit. Only a bit. Maybe, perhaps…

P.S.: I am not bored… not really… maybe a bit, perhaps a little…

too.. I think

Perhaps we are getting caught up in semantics.

Perhaps the winning and losing we are talking about is duality where there should in fact be a trinity, to win, to lose, and the Japanese letter Mu, not to lose not to win, not 1, but not 0. To simply be. Existence, quality, whatever that quality is. As Georg said, our lives do not add up to the sum of their parts, and as Hans said the sum of our lives is all that matters regardless of the parts. I think that our lives is nothing to do with winning or losing, for anything that takes us from one moment to the next is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but it is the quality, the Mu of that step that determines where we end up. There is no losing and winning in life, for to live is already to have won, but to make the most of what that holds for you.

I think…