New Year… Same Dreams

So today is the first day of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, Rosh – Head, Ha – of the, and Shana – Year, so today is the head of the year, i.e the first day. Of course I had last night the annual family dinner where there are WAY too many Silases under one roof (Silas is the family name for everyone on my mothers side of the family which I count as one of) and I’ll tell you this, i don’t think there is any family in the world who likes getting together as much as we do, its always a wonderful experience, and we won’t be gathering in numbers like that until Passover which is in about 6 months time. Anyway, the useful thing about being Jewish in a Christian country is that i can make a new years resolution now…
and if it doesn’t work out too well its ok cause I can just make a new one in 3 months. well… somehow i don’t particularly feel like making another resolution… I don’t feel like I need a new direction on life I think im heading the right way, (don’t get me wrong it could be going faster BUT I couldn’t be working any harder). Tomorrow I venture back to the pool for a grand 7 hours before I have to get on a train back to London. I have a meeting about the Sonnet Walks, which should be interesting…

Now in respect to Hans’ Post, I have a quote of my own which achieves the same thing as the Paulo Coelho one, but says it in a way that is more keyed into my way of thinking:

“Let me again remind you that it is only by working with an energy which is almost superhuman and which looks to uninterested spectators like insanity that we can accomplish anything worth the achievement”  – Woodrow Wilson

In the good news of the world, Hans is doing more Dance lighting! with mr Greig, and Georg has found an apartment, I would like to think that this is a promising sign for good things ahead for everyone!

“When lifE closes a door it opens a window, but when it closes a window it opens your Imagination”

Disney was a great man…

and so are you my friends! I am glad you have started dreaming again my friend, and I hope and believe you will find what you are looking for. As well as Disney I often look too Paulo Coelhom, the great author, when it comes to dreaming, and he has another quote which is important to remember: “If you wish for something strong enough, all the forces of the universe will work towards that end”.

I realised it is a long time since I had written anything here, which is quite unusual for me, but work has me occupied most days and it is difficult to find the energy required to write something. Now I have a few days off, so you might hear some more from me, AND, I might get some other things done as well… websites etc… Work has been mostly events and a few concerts, and the big outdoor theatre project in Stavanger, and we are planning even more events, but there are also some more exciting projects comming up in November and December. I shall be comming to the UK again in January to do a dance show with mr. Greig again, possibly even the tour, so I will let you know if I come around any of your neigbourhoods.

Speaking of December, we MUST try and make something happen for a new years celebration together in some part of the world. I have said you can all come north to Trondheim, but if anyone has other ideas please let us know!

Keep dreaming and thinking. Keep strong and faithfull. Remember what capacity you have and what lies in your heart. Remember that we are not required to know the path, or the end, only that we will walk it and that it will come. Such is life, all we can do really, is to make the best of it. And Georg my friend, on the bakside of a little red book something very important is written. When in doubt, take it out of the shelf and read it for yourself over and over again. It is true you see, and as long as you keep dreaming, the rest of the world will know as well.

Hans’s Pc is working againg! (the one with the broken screen…)

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Chasing cars

OK, before you ask – no I am not chasing cars, but this is the song I am listening to at the moment.

Well, long time of silence here from certain people and then – a lot to say! 😉 I think it all sounds quite good from you Eyal. Times will bring the right thing for you and I am sure you have the passion to keep walking into the right direction. But please sleep a little more – when I was in London a few weeks ago, you were really tired…

Things here are not changing a lot – hopefully my flathunting will have an end after this weekend. Almost four weeks in a hotel room can become a little – well tight. Just finished another one of the really challenging jobs today. 6 fresnels on for a lectern on a stage. It was quite tricky – especially as the presenters in the end decided to stand in front of the stage all the time. Well, at least I didn’t have to move the 6 faders I had… 😉

Last weekend I did a nice gig really high up in the mountains. OK – it was a sound job and I had to rig and operate a PA for a bike-race at night, but it was nice because of the surrounding nature. From this point of view Switzerland is really nice. There are a lot of really lovely places very near by and I am just starting to find them all. So if I can find a little more interesting lighting work besides the day-2-day business, it should be quite fun. Currently I am planing a big show in October and at the moment we try to find out wheather the rigging points for my truss construction can actually be provided in the place. We shall see…

I remembered something again, something I haven’t thought about for quite a while now. It is a famous quote by Walt Disney: If you can dream it, you can do it. I always was a great believer in this and I think I have to revive this a bit again. There are a lot of dreams still to be dreamt and I am just starting it again. Maybe I don’t know the path and maybe I cannot see it right now, but I can dream about where I will eventually end up. But I can tell you one thing. It is really hard. Because not only do I have to dream a lot now 😉 I also have to keep up the faith that dreams come true… Welcome to my emotional rollercoaster. During the last weeks I realised more than ever before that I really miss my Liverpool friends. When I was there together with you all, I almost never had any thought like that.

OK. I think we will keep us posted, until then: Good dreams!

New Horizons.

Oliver Twist and La Ronde finished their London run last night, and today they drive to Wales for the beginning of their tour, which means my role (for the time being) is over. I arrived home last night and realised that yet again the void approaches, but I’m not nearly as afraid of it as I was last time, I have applied for some work at the Young Vic (Ushering), to get some money in, and I’m also working on an exciting new concept for the “Lulu Plays” and hoping that the Gate Theatre will accept my proposal. Also I’m now reading ALOT of Sonnets because the Sonnet Walks are coming up in April and I’m preparing early for them. As well as the ever impending interview for the Kings Head Theatre Islington, I just got forwared an email that someone sent to the Artistic Director speaking very highly of me… hopefully that will sway things a little bit. So although (for nearly 19 hours now) I am officially unemployed, I can see mountains on the horizon, and though they are distant I am no longer afraid to traverse the desert to reach them.

Even If….

A Compliment I think!

Ok so there is no mention of me… and in fact David is mentioned as the Director… but you know what… I’m still taking it as a compliment.
(For the people who aren’t completely savvy with the circumstances of this play, I directed it with David Rankine as my lead actor and did one show of it in Liverpool for my final assessment at LIPA, David then asked me if he could transfer it to his home town and I said yes, this is the review for the production he did in Moray)

A thought-provoking and captivating show

Published: 15 August, 2008
THE Red Shoes, Elgin was the venue for an outstanding piece of theatre this week, all the more enjoyable because it starred two of our very own home-grown actors.

‘Q.E.D’ by Peter Parnell, a play based on the writings of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, featured David Rankine in the lead role and Laura Hubbard as his student, Miriam Field.
David is due to enter his third year at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), studying a BA in Acting and Laura is about to embark on an acting course at Telford College, Edinburgh.
‘Q.E.D’ was presented as part of the Red Shoes’ Summer Sensation festival and the intimate venue lends itself perfectly to a production of this type.
The opening lines of the play are sung off stage; the audience was engaged immediately and captivated throughout the ensuing two hours, such was the hold this young actor and his intriguing character had over us. The performance ensured we laughed, we cried and we were made to think long and hard.
Feynman – his light-hearted tone and fast pace whilst talking about the most complex of concepts – made it all sound so easy. We became his students with his direct talking to the audience a clever device, making us hungry for more. There was no option to watch passively as we were drawn into the extraordinary life of Feynman, his research, the role he played in the development of the atom bomb and the subsequent horrific consequences of its invention – having to face the terrible truth of the part he played.
We were introduced to a range of characters, all at the end of a phone, all brought to life by a tight script and an actor whose interpretation painted pictures for the audience, making what we couldn’t see so easy to imagine. The frequent phone calls gave us a glimpse of just how ill Feynman was. We saw Feynman the scientist look for ways to shrink a tumour, approaching this like any other problem he had solved in the past, until he was faced with the awful truth – this problem was unsolvable.
David’s portrayal of Feynman’s vulnerability at this point was brilliantly observed and movingly uncomfortable to watch. The audience almost held its breath, feeling his pain as his analytical brain desperately tried to find the solution to his impending death.
We did briefly meet one of Feynman’s students, Miriam Field. Laura’s portrayal of Miriam offered a good contrast to Feynman and allowed us to observe his enthusiasm for passing his knowledge on to his students. When we met her later in the play, there was a tender moment of mutual understanding, beautifully underplayed by both actors, which hit just the right mark.
Watching this performance, it was difficult to appreciate that David is an actor in the infancy of his career. His maturity in performance and attention to detail made him a joy to watch and allowed the appreciative audience to wonder at what he will be capable of in the future.
Directed by David himself (is there no end to his talents?), ‘Q.E.D’ provided an evening of quality entertainment and set high standards for theatre in Moray.

Yep… I consider that my first good review…

ahhh what a life it is…

So… here I am… finally alive again… Both Show’s are up and running healthily had a bit of a shaky start but they seem to be on their way now, The strangest of things happened last night, I was talking to a… well i wouldnt call her a friend as I don’t know her nearly well enough yet, an acquaintence of mine, someone I worked on a show about 10 months ago (the one on the boat if you remember it) And we were talking about this and that and Kath was telling me that she had just been working on Great expectations so I assumed that it was the same one Sheena was working on and said “oh you must know Sheena then” anyway it transpired that it was not the same Great Expectations (who knew that 2 youth groups would be doing the same show at the same time… anyway) but Sheena is going to be working with Kath in a little while on some other project BUT since she lost her phone a few weeks ago, wasn’t able to get in touch with her so I gave her Sheena’s number and then sang her praises for about half an hour! I hope it all works out ok….

Anyway that was the strange (its a small world) story. So there is this book that im reading at the moment “True and False” By David Mamet. It’s a fantastic book and basically Georg would love it because its completely on his side of the argument about the point of theatre and not on mine, and i want to quote the whole book but I’ll stick to one line (its a long one)

“The actor is onstage to comunicate the play to the audience. That is the beginning and the end of his and her job. To do so the actor needs a strong voice, superb diction, a supple, well proportioned body, and a rudimentary understanding of the play. The actor does not need to ‘become’ the character. The phrase, in fact, has no meaning. There is no character. There are only lines upon a page. There are lines of dialogue meant to be said by the actor. When he or she says them simple, in an attempt to achieve an object more of less like that suggested by the author, the audience sees and illusion of a character upon the stage.”

I kind of liked it… I hope you do too.

I had a really strange moment yesterday… I can tell you both because you know me well enough to just laugh at me. It was the interval of Oliver Twist and there is a bar and a tea & Coffee stand, I was at the latter, and i got chatting to the girl behind the counter as we have seen eachother a few days in a row now and its rude to go on without talking, she’s a very sweet girl quite attractive (I don’t remember her name) And after chatting for a little bit I thought to myself “hmmm… here’s an interesting intelligent attractive girl who appreciates theatre and seems to like you” So I asked her out on a date, she accepted and after chatting a bit more I went back to see the second act. During the second act the tea and coffee position packs up and leaves so she wasnt there when i got out of the second act (that needs to be said to show that I was not ignoring her she just wasn’t there at the end as is the way the theatre works) anyway so I was sitting on the train on the way back with Nick and Joel and they said “we noticed you were chatting with that girl at the refreshments stand” and I said yeah, I’m taking her out next week, they congratulated me on it and we chatted about something else “About 2 minutes later (on the same train) It struck me that I REALLY DONT want to go on a date… I don’t have the time, the money or patience, I don’t want a girlfriend or infact a fling! I told Nick and Joel this and they asked me why I asked her out then… my answer “because I was bored”. . . I thought it was funny, although it means im going to see her this evening at the theatre and that’ll be a bit awkward or me not for her… I dunno maybe I’ll change my mind but I thought to myself last night “God how bored must have I been??” Anyway thats a funny story… But the funniest thing is that she’s someone I would otherwise consider dating and if I had asked her out and actually cared about the answer and gotten a yes I would be over the moon… Strange strange strange…

Anyway that’s the stangnancy of me at the moment, the Stagnancy of Georg is that he is calling people building stands and having conversations with NOT Hog operators (I hope that conversation went well by the way). And Hans seems to have disappeared into the depths of Paradisio. Dante would be touched. OH and I finally had a whiskey the other day, someone else drove me to a party so I indulged… lucky I had more than soup for lunch eh?

Ever Intrigued

The world according to…

Hey there. Long time no sign of life from everyone. Especially of the guy living just not in London 😉

OK, here is what happened where I am. Actually nothing happened. I am still in a hotel here in Switzerland. The world keeps spinning around and so I spin with it. I went back to the life of a real technician where you work two weeks but in only 6 days. We all know what that means. And I got more challenges! On Monday I will build a light-object in WYG and render it. I think it might take me about – hmm… 10 minutes. I hope everything goes well. And then I will call the guy who is building a stand for an exhibition and ask him where I can run 4 power cables so that nobody can see them. If I am lucky I will then have a nice discussion with a guy in my company who has no clue about the HOG but pretends he does. I still cannot believe how much more challenging my life became since I am here… Well.

On the other hand, I like the region here. It is really friendly and I am in the middle of the nature – at least when I want to be. Zürich is a nice town with even nicer prices! Wow! I cannot believe how expensive things can be. Would be interesting to know if they actually top Norway. There are so many shops here where all the things in the display windows are taken out over night, because they are so expensive that they have to be stored in a vault or something… really, really posh here. But the people – at least the younger ones – are friendly and seem to be more open minded than the older ones. Also some really nice bars. One actually serves drinks with really obscene names – I had one called “bitch”… and I don’t think we should go there due to the audience (if you wanna find a girlfriend there you might have a problem, but it is a good place to hide if you don’t want your girlfriend to find you).

OK, let me know what you guys are doing! How was PLASA Mr. R.? How does the audience like the plays Mr. E.?  And how is paradise anyway … Mr… I don’t have to tell who I mean with this…!

Great Saturday in the rain…