It’s a metaphor stupid

Destined for…

There is no good way to finish that sentence, if I finish it with failure then im being negative, but if i finish it off with greatness then it sounds arrogant, not that im talking about myself, but people will assume I am. I guess the question I have been thinking about destiny is, if individuals have destinies they must fulfill then it would make sense that there is a universal destiny that we are all building to, the problem with that is that it makes time (for us at least) limited, it means that we (in our own small ways) are a means to an end, but one of the things I love the most about our existance (as we know it) is the perpetualness (don’t know if thats a real word) of it. the fact that “we live and we die and the world keeps spinning” in the words of Jack Nicholson (im paraphrasing).

There is something almost romantic about the inevitability of it all, some people would find it daunting, like swimming in the sea, they need something to hold onto. But the way I see it is, if im not going to affect the eventuality of the universe, of time. Then the only thing I can affect is the here and now, the people who are here and now, because hopefully if enough of us gang together, then we will be a significantly bigger blip… on the radar of time. (I have also just used lots of words to say not much at all.

I feel that I have gone on a slightly larger tangent on the subject of destiny than the one that Georg intended to go on. I have attempted to piece together exactly what he was talking about, and if its what I think it is, then he’s right, it is not to be talked about in such a public forum. I look forward to having the discussion with you, and am obliged to agree with you on your point. :-)

I on the other hand, am also going to leave you with a slightly cryptic message, (and I should say its not a crude bing, but it is a bing.) If Hans was in Norway when he was in Liverpool, (not the vilgar meaning) and Georg is in… shall we say Germany (although I don’t know that much yet… but you catch my drift) now that he’s in Switzerland, then I am also in Israel… now that I’m in London. Although Israel is also not specific… but its all the details you now have.

I hope we understand eachother… it proves to be a VERY… informative new year. I think that emptying a bottle of John Daniels will do us all some good.

Hans sucks to be doing that event of yours, but hey at least you have internet, imagine if you didn’t!


Eyal… Signing out.

Even I… occasinally, am proven wrong…

P.S Hans your next post is VERY exciting indeed! Don’t miss it!


Georg said the magical word I believe. However, it will be interesting to read about the story he has and I’m a bit lost as to what G and E have been talking about lately, but I’m sure it will all come straight once we empty a bottle of mr. JD. And you are right, November has thus far been a terrible bad posting month, it seems only a couple of months in the very beginning had as few posts as November 08 has. Obviously, we can still manage to post some more before the advent time begins on Monday! Perhaps we have all been busy and tired… it does require both time and some effort to write, and if either or both is lacking then no writing will occur. It’s logic Jim, but not as we know it. <- see, a reference to the upcoming Star Trek movie.. :)

The fact that we all shall be together for new years is something that pleases me greatly, and I am really looking forward to christmas and holidays wich starts on the 19th of December. At some point we will have a chat about the plans and whats and whens and whos I guess.

As I am writing this I am actually at work, on the most boring of corporate events EVER! So far, the guests have been here for almost 4 hours, I haven’t touched a fader yet, and at 23.00hrs I have to go turn on 8 par56 lamps for the basement band. Incredibly exciting. The best part is that I am currently counting, in the vert room I’m in: 3x AV technicians, 3x sound technicians and 3x lighting technicians. Which means we are 9 people for this silly little job…

Oh, and destiny… strange thing that one. I don’t know what to write about it. But I’m not sure if I even believe in it…how about you? Purpose, yes. But destiny, a final endpoint? Nope.

Hope to talk soon! An e-mail at least I expect!’

strike Him down and take your Place as my apprentice, it is your destiny…!

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The special post

So I thought my 90th post has to be something special. And it is important to have at least one more post here in November. Because this has been the worst posting month in a long time if not ever…

First of all, I might not be able to skype on the weekend. A colleague here at work got us free tickets to see Wicked in Germany and have a backstage tour, so this is where I will be the next two days.

And I think it would be interesting to start off the conversation with Eyal again about destiny. But not here. I have an interesting story to tell… :-)

OK guys, I’ll have to go to work now. Stay cool – not difficult here as it is extremely cold – and we shall speak soon again!


I am sitting here, about to go to bed any moment. Reading e-mails and some blog posts, listening to the Cranberries. Thinking back about 6 months. Smiling.

See you in December! :)

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… and who was the one to wait on Skype for hours…?

Hey guys… no worries… I didn’t wait for that long. At some point I was quite sure that I would be there forever so I left, too. 😉

Well, as soon as I have sorted out some details with the payment for the flights (never had any problems before but as soon as I went to Switzerland they started) I will let you guys know. Should not take long, but the dates I sent you will remain the same.

And then we have to discuss certain points: Will Eyal get the permission to come into the country after he drank 5 bottles of whisky on the plane, simply because he always wanted to have something from the whisky shop at the airport? Or will he have to pay a few hundred pounds overweight because he bought ALL the books from the book vending machines at the airport?
Will Hans find the perfect dish for this special event? And will paradise give him enough time to think about it properly?
Which Stargate episode does it have to be? I mean, Eyal and I are very sure about which one… and it isn’t the kinky one… Something I find personally very interesting is: How will it feel when it never gets day…? I mean a real day with real daylight and stuff… sun and so on… This might be quite interesting… AND: Is the Dash 8 ready for proper use again…? Because I will be leaving with one of those…

See, a lot to talk about. And you guys just had better things to do. Watching films with people that could be me (I ignore the moustache thing for now) or trying to get online… no good excuses :-)

OK, maybe another time soon will be better. The weekend doesn’t look too bad, so maybe we can try it there.

Have a good time!

The best days of my life…

Have they come and passed? Are they ahead of me? Or are they now?

I guess we will never know. I do know that some great years have passed, what we shared and remember are fantastic moments and great ideas thrown together in a big mish-mash. (If that is even a word…) And I am sure there are some great moments yet to come, in the big future we will experience things we never dreamt off, and some of them will be together, and that will feel like the best feeling ever when it comes. And now feels good too, it is too bad that I don’t get to see my best friends as often as I would like, and work can be tiring at times, but I find joy in what I do and I take pleasure in the great beauty I surround myself with. (Yes, that is a person specific reference if you are pondering…) Too say it short, life is good. Even though certain things are missing…

I guess we can’t have it all, at least not at the same time. But as long as we wish for things, they may still happen. And christmas and the end of a year isn’t too far away… which brings promise of a great re-union of the musketeers!

I was back on my desk on Saturday. I have been using it for testing and demo stuff in the warehouse but haven’t actually used a blue one live since about Iron Maiden, I have been stuck with grandmother ever since I got back from Scotland in August. And what a sensation. To greet it, say hello as you remove the dust cover, let your fingers stroke the leather armrest and brush the keypad so that it is clean and ready for action. Hold still as the silent hum of the fan tells you it has been powered on, feel the processor crunching numbers faster than you can imagine, see the screens spring to life in a splendor of LED blue and white. It is like a firework like nothing else, a show just for you as you sit there. Your fingers anticipate what is going to happen, they are ready, ready for what they are meant to to. It is like the safety of a weapon has come off, they twitch and stretch and are ready to recieve orders. Like soldiers on a row, one button each, everyone know where they are supposed to be, and like a perfect team they begin the strange ballet of commanding lights around. One touch and a sequence of actions both physical and psychological are put into motion as the flying pig soars high above anything else you have ever touched. And you remember, this is what I do. This is what I do. And life, life, is good.

i Have great exPectations

ps. for those of you who are tired with CAD work and heavy computer tools, try this:

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I was just sitting here listening to “Run” from Snow Patrol. And it just happened that I flipped through some of the pictures we took over the past few years in Liverpool. “Run” always somehow reminds me of one evening we had at “Ireland” because this song was played there. It was one of the last nights we had together in the Pool. Well, the song finished and another great song came on… and the lyrics seemed to fit in perfectly. So I thought I should share this with you guys…:

Oh when I look back now,
that summer seemed to last forever,
and if I had the choice
ya, I’d always wanna be there
those were the best days of my life.
Man we were killin’ time
We were young and restless
We needed to unwind
I guess nothin’ can last forever – forever, no

So much for now. Still waiting for Mr. E to come on Skype 😉