(My) Last post of the year

So this is it. The end of 2008 is almost here and what a year it was. I usually don’t do this at the end of a year, to look back and think: was it a good year or was it a bad year overall?
Well, if I do this for 2008 I would say it was a good year. There were bad times, too, but this year I think the brighter colours outweigh the dark ones. We had the best time together for the first months of this year. We knew our time together would end at some point and this was probably a dark colour. But then, we could be sure that we will remain friends and the physical distance would not change that. So far it turned out to be true and I am sure it will remain the same for the future.
It was hard to say good bye this summer. Good bye to friends but also the place Liverpool. I know it sounds strange but after three years I called this place and the Lodge “Home”. It is hard to leave home especially when you know that at that point, there won’t be a return to this home again. We all set off for a new world and we were all hoping to find bright colours out there. We had to find a new home and it took a while for me to find it. Now I am more than happy with my new home and I am sure you guys are or will be at some point, too.
Work proved difficult for me and this is certainly the biggest challenge that I will carry over into 2009. It remains a problem but I am confident that destiny (or whatever you wanna call it) will find a way to solve this as well. At the moment I am not too worried about it.
We live in a world of complete madness. Looking at what is happening again down in Gaza and Israel is something that will never get into my head. I will never understand it. Not so much this conflict – there are many many more on earth – but that we as humans didn’t get anywhere during the last centuries. Yes, we evolved on a technological level and we believe we evolved on a human level, too. But we did not. Yes, we don’t hunt down witches anymore but the motifs we follow nowadays are not better or more valid. Poverty is still one of the biggest problems on earth, the climate WILL be another really massive problem and international crime and terror won’t be gone when we wake up on the 1st of January 2009.
But on the background of all the huge and massive challenges we are facing as humans and not as people of a certain country I decided that I will do what I can in my own little world to make a difference. I will respect the people around me, will meet everyone with an open and free mind, not judging him before I even know the person. I won’t let the water run while I brush my teeth and try to shorten the time in the shower. I will recycle my rubbish as much as possible and I will try to have as much fun as possible in the nature that surrounds me all the time. Basically I will go on as I did this year. For me this is the basics and these are all things I can do for myself. They might be small, but I think they are human.

So for 2008, I am officially signing off. Have a good start into 2009 and I shall see you all on the other side, the brighter side which is 2009!


If the lodge could tell its story…

Do you remember when we were talking about that at some point? What stories the loge could possibly tell about the people that lived there, the things that happened there already? What I find funny is, that I was just flipping through the book about the BLS again last week and also a lot of the pictures of the lodge when I copied them for Hans. And my thoughts were pretty much the same.

The kitchen… I still have pictures of the very first day I came into the lodge and saw how grubby the kitchen was… it improved in our last year though. But we managed to spend a lot of time there together while we were cooking for our friends and ourselves there. Or when we had Eyal meditating – sorry – washing up there… this place like probably any other one in the house is a living memory. Even the staircase is as I remember our probably longest night out ended there…

I like what Hans said… we never said a bad word about each other. How much more could you wish for Christmas than the best friends of a lifetime?!

Merry Christmas from here as well…


Two moments.

Two moments today. Small but important. Not the same but still the same. Different times and different places, but the thoughts, and the memories, the same.

I was out walking, delivering the last christmas present to a friend. It was dark and it was snowing. And I thought about us, walking home together after some night out or at LIPA. How we would solve the worlds problems by simply walking home, or if we didn’t, how we would simply talk about life itself and it would be the greatest thing we ever did! How, no matter how much we had drunk, we never said anything bad about each other.

One moment. Two moments.

I was in our kitchen here, baking the last christmas cake and looking out the window. And I thought about our adventures in our kitchen in the lodge. What food and what conversations that kitchen has witnessed. Late at night snacks, saturday night dinners and early morning breakfasts. Shared, joined and cheerished. Together.

Two moments today. Not the same but still the same. Memories.

A truly wonderfull christmas to the both of you! May it be a tranquil time for all of us.

7 days to go.

tHinking about real People

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just the thing

The thing that always lifts your spirits from your, my career is going nowhere blues…

Bart turning up with a bottle of red wine.

8 days to go.

rEd wIne

I shall take whatever time I please!

I wonder exactly how many times one man will be right when it comes to predicting the future. So far, he has about 7 out of 7. And I don’t know if it’s scary or comforting that some people can read other people like books, drawing conclusions and being able to accurately predict both the result and the the way things happen. Why is it that some people see the world in so completely different ways than the rest? I believe that we all see small different things in the world, but for society to work the way it works, it seems most people see the world through one set of eyes. Some select few however seems to be able to look at the world at the innermost level, seeing how things are connected and how it works rather than just the surface.

Some people, I guess, are gifted with the ability to see through crude matter and into our hearts and our souls perhaps. Even destiny or purpose can be seen with the right eyes it seems. Perhaps it is about opening oneself up for the possibility that there might be more to us than carbon based substances. Perhaps it is about learning and experience or perhaps it is a gift granted by some all powerful being so that they may carry out some form of purpose in the complex puzzle this world is.

Or is it all by chance? Is nothing a part of a plan that doesn’t exist made by beings that never were or will be? Are we controlled or are we of free will and mind? I guess the answer to that question decides everything. EVERYTHING. Did I go on the most important voyage of my life so far by accident or was I meant to go there?

If destiny exists, then we are not free at all, then evert move, every thought and every reaction is part of the grand plan. Down to the very last movement of the smallest grain of sand, the formation of snow crystals and the magnitude of the raindrops. And it will be like that, we will be like that, caught, trapped, imprisoned in the machine we call life. Forever. Not free.

If there is no such thing as destiny at all then everything is by chance. Nothing is planned and nothing happens because it was meant to. We are completely free and the entire world is governed by the chaos theory. The world IS chaos.

Neither is something I can believe in. Because neither seems right. We are free and we make our own decisions. But we do serve a purpose. Perhaps not in the fabric of the universe, but on our own small scale, we do have a purpose. The end is not clear, neither is the road there, for both are forged as we walk it. But things do not happen by chance, things happen as a concequence of all the other choices we ever made. Things happen because all the right things came together at the right time. This is what it means to be human. This is what makes us love. Because we do not know the end, we fight to make it as good as it gets.

And that, my friends, is where we are going. Through the amazing adventure of life for many many years and then into the the glory of a spectacular ending no one can ever dream of. We are human, which means we are both trapped and free at the same time. We just have to choose what to do with the situations life sets up for us.

And if brother destiny comes along, let’s go out and play.

Everything means something.


In other news: My skype is completely broken (now Georg can say that in his Scouse) and I can’t get online until I figure out what is wrong with it. I do appologise. Winter has come, and if all goes as planned (if that is even possible) then you will have a white new years here in the cold north. It is good to see that some part of paradise can be found in Switzerland as well. I look forward to seeing you again soon, it will be lot’s of fun!

Do take care of yourselves and your families in this time of joy :)

one Hundred Posts

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This cannot be happening

This month is even worse than the last one when it comes to posting. We have to change that… quickly! :-)

Well, but as you all probably too, I have been quite busy lately. Not only is there work that we have to do in order to finance our effusive lives, no, Christmas is almost there, gifts need to be organised and cards have to be written (although I will admit this right now, most of mine will be electronic this year again…) and paradise needs a bit of attention, too. So there is a lot to take care of right now and we all have some things we pay particular attention to. I have to say that this year, the time before Christmas hasn’t been the quietest time ever, but with all the snow and the mountains surrounding me, I felt quite Christmassy. I went ice skating the other day (in Zürich they have the largest outdoor ice rink in Europe) and I remembered when we went ice skating in England… and I had to smile when I thought back to it now. I remember one very elegant stunt Hans made as if it was yesterday… I can still hear the bang, too 😀

And now I am listening to the soundtrack of Love Actually. I watched it again last week and I have to say it is the ultimate Christmas film. Very nice… indeed.

OK, well, just wanted to say that sometimes some memories just come up completely unexpected and they make me smile. I look forward to seeing you guys shortly.

Bye for now…!

Thoughts of the day…

A nice line that came out of a conversation that Georg and I were having earlier.

“I’m excited about today, let tomorrow prove itself.”

I think thats a new philosophy for life… or at least a new way of wording my old one.

23 (22 in your time zone)