As I don’t have an idea yet what the mysterious stuff is Hans wrote about, I will just share some thoughts – well, yet again, something we have discussed quite often here – this night.

I just came back from a bar called nightflight. Besides other things, we discussed, why I once said “the world is a strange place…”. Well, it really is. In many ways. Look at how many different people live their all different lives every single day on this planet. The planet which might seem huge sometimes, but then again, how do you measure distances? Compared to the (possibly) infinite space which is the universe, our little earth is incredibly small. But we have created so many different worlds on the surface of this blue planet. Luck, destiny or the coincidences we often talked about let us all wake up in our own world every day. We open the eyes and what we see is our reality. With its own rules, rights, boundaries and chances. We all learned and accepted the way our world works. We now know what to do to be able to survive in this world. The same goes for all the other people on this planet, too. The slumdog in India also wakes up every day, opens the eyes and is faced with his/her own reality. This reality is probably completely different to ours and the rules, rights and boundaries vary greatly. But the slumdog as well as we knows how to survive in his world. This is what I mean with “the world is a strange place”. So small and yet so big. So rich and yet so poor. And whoever you will ask, nobody will ever think the world is fair. Can we actually solve all the problems … ever? Are we all designed with the little flaw that no matter where we live our life and no matter how well we are, we will never be satisfied…?

Another thing started by talking about the film “Milk”. (I can only recommend it) We were talking about how free and tolerant our society has become nowadays. Everyone has a lot of freedom here in the western world. Freedom of speech, religion, sexuality and many more are things we here take for granted. First of all, the world is not nearly as open minded as we might be here. In huge parts of the world, people get killed for believing “the wrong thing”. People are not allowed to criticise the government, their boss, their husband… In many countries of the world men get killed or arrested for being gay and even the so very liberal USA are way behind with their tolerance. In California, old-fashioned and religiously conservative groups managed to file a petition which passed last November, which does no longer allow same-sex marriage, something which was legal up to that point. Now there is a huge fight to come back to the way it was before… (if you wanna do something about this: ) All I wanna say is that we might all take a lot for granted which it actually is not. So maybe we all have to start and be a little more aware of the responsibility we all have for all the ones on the world which cannot fight for themselves. ( )

Maybe quite a random post, but what do you expect with such a random nightflight…

Let’s go and speak out loud…!


Following on from a conversation I had with Eyal over a week ago, I started thinking about what we can do, and what we must do. What is our responsibility, if we have any at all.

We are all human. Every single one of us are of the same kind. The same brand if you like. Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The walking, thinking and creating ape. And if we are all the same, does that not mean that we all have the same rights? We are all entitled to the same things, we can make the same claims? Claims of freedom, freedom of speach, the right to habeas corpus, food, clothing, clean air and a healthy planet. If but one of us wishes for a cleen earth, do the rest have a right to deny that? Do we not have the same right to this planet?

We do. We have. Because no one can own what is not theirs to own alone. No one can rightfully destroy wha t is not theirs. No one can claim themselves better or more just than others by default. No one can pretend that there is only themselves. We have a responsibility to each other, and not just the people we know, but every human being there is, to respect and to honour their wishes and rights so that they may also live their lifes in peace and prosperity. This is why those of us who are stronger and richer must see to those who can not fend for themselves, because we are all of the same kind, we must all take care of each other.

We can all do our part. We must all do our part. That, is our responsibility. Different people can do different things, this is a consequence of who we are and where we are in life. Some people simply have more to give off, or things that affect a larger number of people. The important part is that we all do something.

Do something, we, us, the few who write and think alike can also do something. And it’s time we did something about it. If you will, there are things to discuss and then things to do.

Watch your mailbox. It’s about time.

tHe fun Part starts now


take all your swatch books…
go outside…
look at the sky
now try and find the same colour
just one, the best and most perfect one you can possibly find
take your time and make it right
if you’ve found the right colour just look up and double check it again…
surely it’s not the right one anymore – is it?

Life is all about the moment.
Sometimes you are the colour,
Sometimes you are the sky.
So try to find good moments instead of the best colour,
The colour will change again.
But you can keep the moment for ever.

Take care.
The time is working for you . . .

The angels weep tonight

I have no knowledge or wisdom, no power or idea, that can comfort or sound reasonable when we look at the tragedy that some people have experienced today. Our small problems are minute compared to the loss 30 parents are feeling tonight. I know this wasn’t the first tragedy, and it will not be the last. Yet no matter how many times I read about these things in the paper, I feel sad. I feel sad that people can do these things to each other, people, that are of the same kind and country, people, that are of the same world, people, that shares the most basic desires with each other. I feel sad for those who died, but I pitty the one who killed them.

Angels came
the world is crying
yet, it moves
slowly on its axis
how can this be?

Brother death has been here again
and he didn’t leave alone
15 souls he took tonight
as the angels stood watching
how can this be?

that life is unfair
is most certain.
and why things happen,
I don’t know. I do know,
that the angels weep tonight.

notHing more to say. Peace and prosperity to us all.

and the ability to interpret those dreams

Everyone has the ability to dream, but it takes a certain will to seekĀ those dreamsĀ out, and even more it takes wisdom to understand what they mean.

Brick walls are there for a reason, they show us how much we really want something. And that is all that they show, they do not give us reason for our want nor do they show us the alternatives, sometimes I find myself so involved with climbing certain walls that when I get over them I realise that on the other side wasn’t what I was looking for.

Brick walls are there for a reason, they show us just how much we want…

Maybe we’re on the other side of the wall, and have just realised that hard as it was to get here, it will be harder getting back… so we can start all over again.

Brick walls are there for a reason, for climbing.

The ability to dream

Brick walls are there for a reason… they show us how much we really want something. True. They do.

When you can dream about it, you can reach it. Walt Disney said that. And again: True.

Are there limitations to those rules? Does it work? If you believe in something strong enough, does it then come true? I always believed that. But then, I found out, there is an exception to this. Some things maybe cannot be changed by your will to do so. Some things you have to start a new dream and forget about the old one. Sometimes dreams just fade and never come true. It is a sad and hard truth.
Some walls do show us how much we want something that is behind this wall. But some walls cannot be torn down and we won’t be able to just walk around them. So in the end, the walls show us how much we really want the one thing behind this wall… but this doesn’t help us either.

… Still going nowhere… sorry…

P.S.: I appreciate the thoughts you mentioned Hans. I really do :-)

Brick walls.

The brick walls are there for a reason. They are there to show us how much we really want something. – Randy Pausch.

I don’t really know what to say or write, because so much has been said already, and what you want to hear and what you need to hear are proboably two different things. So, I am going to just be me, thoughts and feelings. Arogant and bold as always. Free and cruel.

Remember who you are! You have extraordinary talents, great gifts that others envy you! Remember that with great power comes great responsibility, and your responsibility is to yourself. Not to be beaten, not to stay lying in the mud and let the world go by. You get back up on the horse, you smile at fate and you laugh in his face (sorry Ed) and together we go straight back into the fire!

You earned the right to be sad, to give up even and to cave in. But you are respected because so far, you never did. And I don’t expect you to start now. Now, just as we begin this journey, you can’t stop now, there are so many thigs to do. Places to see and visit, people to meet, challenges to be met, moments to be conquered and minds to influence!

We stand at the doorstep of the world. Balancing. Right here, right now, this is where the greatest journey begins. Remember who we are. Let us do what we were born to do.


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