Something that was written long ago.

I was going through some files and folders today, and found this text that I wrote in our second year in Liverpool. Seems rather fitting considering the recent posts I think. It still works. It still is valid. I still believe.

In the legendary TV show fraggle rock, someone asks the question “why do the dozers do what the dozers do?” the answer is simply “the dozers do what the dozers do because the dozers do what the dozers do” The answer is so simple because their reality is so simple, yet so beautiful. The dozers do what they do because that is the point of doing it in the first place.

But why do we do it? Why do we wake up every day, get out of bed in the early morning, eat some breakfast and go in to this place we call LIPA. Why do we work from 9 till 9 just so that performers can perform? And I am not saying this because I am bitter, because I am really not; I’m just asking the question. Why is it that we devote our lives to staying behind the stage, why do we spend our days of youth on creating stars and shows that are remembered for their performers and rarely for the technology and design?

Perhaps we are a bit like the dozers in one way, we will go through fire and hell to keep the show running, we will spend every minute of our waking day to get the job done. But then again, we are not like the dozers at all, because we could choose not to, we know something else; we don’t need to do it. But still we do.

I think I know why.

As I walked to LIPA this morning I came from the Hope street (funny name, isn’t it?) building, and as I walked by, one of the windows was open, inside; there must have been a group of singers or actors, because they were doing a vocal warm-up. For some reason I stopped and waited outside a few moments, and as I was standing there they started with Ave Maria. I stood and listened to this fantastically beautiful song as the sun was gently warming the sky above me, driving the last of the clouds out into the vast sea. Hearing. Thinking. Feeling. Seeing. I remembered. I remembered why I came here. I remembered why our hearts beat faster when we think about it; I remembered why we devote all possible time to doing dirty jobs in the darkness of the stage. I remember.

I remember that when the curtain falls and the audience explodes into applause, that is all I remember. All the long nights and dark hours are gone. I remember that when the stage is yet again empty and the audiences have long gone home, that is what I remember. The applause. The smiles. The joy. Or the sadness. The eyes of kids thinking about the magic they just witnessed. The prides of parents just having seen their kid stand on stage. The music. The sparkling lights. The applause. The feeling of having brought magic to others is what fuels our passion and makes us tick until the next time, until the next few seconds when the show is actually over.

I remember.

Because when all is dark and I go to bed at night, I remember that for two seconds, I was truly alive.

And today, when I had almost forgotten, I remembered.

Not for ourselves, but for the whole world in which we were born.

i Have not forgotten our Purpose

The road not yet discovered.

– Simply because there is no report doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to report.

Slacking? No my friend. We are going ahead faster than ever. I just think it doesn’t always work the way we think it will, or planned even. We are on our separate ways, the paths cross each other at multiple points already, even running in parallel. And I have no doubt that they will continue to do so for many years. However, where are we going? I don’t know. I have an idea, a feeling, and a dream about the place I want to go, or the place I think I want to go perhaps. But I have a strong feeling that my dream will change as I discover the road, my sense of purpose, my ambitions and goals will change with my achievements and failures.

We spent three years working out our initial dream and plan of our endstation. Our goal. We found our starting point, even a large part of the road. Now we have all come to a part of the road where there are many crossing points, but we are not sure which to take, if we will even take one of them. I think we have become builders actually. We are now fighting, with others and with ourselves, to build new roads, to find new paths, ways that have not been there before us.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.

I shall take the one not there. I shall do as I always do, find my own way. And I believe you are doing the same. From the moment we left Liverpool, I believe we have been looking for a new way. We are walking in the footsteps of no one, because our way is our way alone. Paths crisscross with roads. Rivers with lakes. The stream of people on the highway may run alongside our jungle path at some point, but it is not the same.

Slacking? No. We just started. From here on and out, this is where the fun is.

I don’t know were we are going. I don’t know the way. I don’t have all the answers. – I don’t even have all the questions.

But I’m not finished yet.

tHe Pontifex


Did we leave the path? Yes… or maybe… no? What is our path? Is it the one we once wished for? The one we dreamed of? Or is it the one we are meant to walk? Is there something like that?

At some point, we all started walking in a certain direction. We all had a clear vision of how life should look like for us. We all had a dream, something we wanted to reach. Then there was the time, when we had to leave, when we had to start walking in order to find our way through life. Towards this dream.

Sometimes walking brings you to places you never thought you would ever see. They might be wonderful, new and exciting. They could be dark and cold. They could be boring or thrilling. But all places and experiences along the way are surprising and unexpected. We probably never imagined to end up at this certain place. Maybe the place we are now.

We started walking into a direction our imagination projected onto the backside of our eyes. We had a clear destination where we wanted to end up. We did not see the path. We did not see what might be in our way. We had no idea about the path. The road was nothing we ever worried about. All we could see was the final destination of a journey we probably did not even see as such. Now over the past year we all walked our individual ways. We laid out our own path. And actually all those paths are always new. They all touch undiscovered ground and therefore there are no roadsigns to give directions. There is no trace to follow… Our footprints will leave a new trace. So the question is: Did we ever leave the path? Did we take a detour or are we not following a path? Simply because nobody could possibly ever have walked the same route before? Maybe we are following some directions, even though there might not be any signs to guide us… Perhaps there is this all so often discussed destiny. Destiny, the mysterious “creature” that lives in the hidden…

This blog certainly did see more vivid times. It is actually two years already that this time of the year was seeing a high in posts. If you look back at them and what we had to say at that point changed a lot though. Telling each other of render problems and how hot the summer is in other parts of the world moved on to something much more intense. This became a mirror of our lives. This blog tells the stories of success and failure, win and loss, happiness and sadness. It tells the stories of our lives, the beginning of something new, the end of something old. It is the result of our experiences and lessons learnt while being on the move to a place we might not know yet. I like what the blog became. And I hope it continues to develop that way. There were times when we did not write anything. And there have been other times. They reflect on how we feel at this time of our life. Sometimes you cannot think of anything to write. May the reason be that you feel so happy that there is no need to tell how perfect everything is, or may it be that you don’t have the energy to write any more.

This is a wonderful little place in the world wide web… and I am always
glad to see new things happen here.

Undiscovered lands

Didn’t we have some sort of plan (and no im not talking about Professional Preparation’s 1-5 year plan), wasn’t there some point where we had an idea of how this would all play out? If so, then when was the point where reality ripped us away from our fantasy? We’re we aware of that divergence and did we choose to go with it, or have I just woken up on an idle friday in August and realise that somehow im back on track… back on the track that I left so long ago I don’t remember when that was and what the reasoning behind leaving in the first place was.

Last night I was planning to go to the theatre with a designer I met 2 years ago, partly as old acquaintances getting reacquainted, and partly as a sort of meeting because the only reason Designers (and actors and Writers and Producers) go out with Directors is because they want, and expect I can give them, work. Anyway we planned to go to the theatre but her train into london was delayed so we would have had to run to the theatre and not actually get a chance to talk really, so I propsed that we just go and have dinner and sit and chat rather than rush to the show. That was my conscious choice to change the plan, and that is always a very defining moment for me in meeting people, seeing how they cope with not continuing with the evening they had expected. Luckily she was brilliant and just went with it and we had a great time like 2 friends should. But that I believe was a great example of the two types of people I have encountered on my journey so far.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both.

This again is the line that comes up in my mind, everyone reaches that point where they have to make the choice, and you can go with the easier way, you can take the safe route, it won’t be as hard and you don’t need to take that leap of faith (mine yesterday was that we would actually get on and have things to talk about) or you could throw caution to the wind and break those plans jump in head first and hope you come out the other side. Well I haven’t reached the other side yet so I can’t tell you how it ends, but our friend Robert Frost can.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.

We all began as friends standing side by side looking into the future together, and since then I have used the line “we are all in the same room but are looking out of different windows”, the way I’m thinking of us now as three explorers all exploring seperate uncharted lands, and this is our logbook of how things are the same in Kenya and the Galapagos, and how they differ.

Now looking back at our blog, our peak was July-September last year, with a total of 25 posts, thats one everyday with a break on sundays (ish). Today is the 14th of August and this is the second post of the month… we are slacking.

The people we are based on the responsibility we owe

I suppose the first question we should ask is do we owe responsibility to anyone or anything?

I think we do to our parents, they gave us life, fed us, clothed us, taught us right from wrong. We have a responsibility as their children to make sure they are cared for in their old age, to make sure that others do not hurt them, and to make sure that they don’t do things that hurt themselves. We have a responsiblity to the well being of our parents, if they were to steal something I would be the first to reprimand them because it would be best for them, even if they don’t think so at the time.

I think we also have this responsibility to our teachers, to our grandparents, to our friends, our communities, and countries. They do not need our blind support, our ignorant faith. If any of you were to do wrong I would be the first to call you on it, and if I was to do wrong I expect you would call me on it also, because ultimately it’s for my own good.

I, by matter of my name have a large responsibility to my country, it needs my support when it is in the right, and my criticism when it is not, not my blind faith. When Israel does something I am the first to call it on it. And finding myself increasingly in the public eye I have a responsibility to us Jews and Israeli’s in the world who do not agree with Israel’s Policies and actions. I am tired of hearing about the Jewish position being a position other than mine, I am tired of being judged for who I am by those who crave conflict, either as a Devil or an Angel.

I am Eyal Israel and I am just one person, but I have a responsibility to myself, as a Jew, as an Israeli, as a Brit, as a Director and as a Son.


Eyal Israel, and nothing more.