Because the heart remains a child…

… I will never really grow up…

Look around you. Look at the people you are surrounded by. Look at the people you went to school with. People you shared time with some years ago…

A lot of people are already old people when they are not even really grown up. A lot of people look much older as they really are. And even more behave much older than they really are. So logical, so sensible and ever so clever. But the heart remains a child. And it will forever look at the world with a child’s eyes. It cannot see the complicated structures we usually see when we look at the world. When we are trying to understand the world and the things happening, we tend to get lost in our own complicated thoughts.

Our heart does not. It just looks at things with the very simple but true point of view a child has.

Why I am writing this? Simply because I stumbled across this saying and realised it is true. From so and so many people I went to school with, 80% are already behaving like old people. Too bad…

Finding Neverland and it’s adventures… in our own heart!


The funny thing sometimes here on this blog is, that I happen to think that I wanna write something and then there is already a post by someone else… and sometimes even about the same thing, or something close.

Anyway… I just came back from the city – the city with the highest quality of life actually – where I was sitting at one of my favourite spots at the water. This always makes me think about a lot of things. And today I thought about personalities. Maybe because the past day we had an event here, where a lot of famous people were giving speeches . And I thought back… tried to remember the people I already heard and met at random events talking about random things. I met the Swiss’ first (and only) man to have been in space, the former German chancellor, former number-one tennis player, music stars, adventurers, politicians, actors, musicians, professors, artists and many many more. A lot of them you see once and that’s it then. Nothing more to think about. They are gone.

But sometimes, someone comes into a room and fills this room with his aura. If I may call it that way. Some people are a huge disappointment, others are the exact opposite. But the people you remember are usually what I would call a personality. They get your attention. You can feel their presence and you can tell that they have a passion for what they do.

And usually they are a little different to others. One might call it eccentric, but maybe it only seems that way because we usually are surrounded by pretty much the same kind of people. Human beings like it to be part of some sort of mass movement. Only the ones that walk the opposite way will catch your attention, simply because they get in your way.

RĂ¼diger Nehberg once was one of the surprises. I happened to be sound tech at an event years ago in Munich, where he was to give a talk about his life. I have never heard of him before and went there without great expectations. What developed over the following two hours was the most spectacular and unspectacular talk I have seen to date. Unspectacular because from a technology point of view it was old fashioned. It was just him and a slide projector. Spectacular because of what he told us. His life story started out with him as an adventurer and finished with him fighting for human rights in Africa, especially for the women there. The event had to be stopped for some time because people in the auditorium became unconscious. But there was only him… but his personality got everyone’s attention from the word “go”. You can have a look at his work: it looks unspectacular but what is behind it is worth much more…

Besides RĂ¼diger Nehberg being a great humanist, he is also a very friendly and modest person. And this is something that I always notices with real personalities. They are very rounded human beings… if I may express it that way. They are present… here and now. You can tell they are here, they stand out of the crowd, for whatever reason. But after all, they don’t want to be pedestalled…

I am sure about one thing: We, that we write this blog here, somewhere in the world wide web… we the people that found each other, because we share the passion for one thing, we are all eccentric enough not to follow the crowd. We are walking the opposite direction. We stand out of the crowd. In the group of grey people, that all became one at some point, we are the coloured spot that stands out. I am an idealist and I know you are too. A lot of times I thought it is not too great to be an idealist, because ideals are not easy. But over the years I got to a point where I think it is good to follow those ideals. Because in the end only those who don’t go with the flow will eventually get the chance to change the world. And maybe at some point, become a real personality…

Once again… slightly over the top…

Do I know myself?

Who am I? (this one will be a long one, but bear with me, there’s a point here somewhere)

I am Hans, 23 years old. I come from a small city in a small country, the city of kings as it is called, the city where the mighty Vikings once held fort, now, all we can show for is a decent football team and a world class university, which, when you think about it is pretty good. I was born and raised there, I was thought that through hard work, ambition, talent and a bit of luck along the way, I can do anything. I was brought up with science and knowledge as goal in itself, and I cherish my childhood memories. I used to think I would end up doing something important, like saving the world or solving some of the great mysteries and challenges we are facing. Fate it seems, would not have it that way, and I found the stage. I light it, I dream off it, it is my passion and my life, through it, I have found myself, my friends and my love. It is the only life I have and will ever know.

I live now, some years later, in our capital, Oslo, with the most beautiful girl in the world. We share life as it comes, good moments, bad days, wonderful nights, brilliant ideas and a lot of fun. I have the best friends anyone can think off, they are smarter, funnier and more compassionate than you (unless you’re one of them). We used to dream of conquering the world, saving people from a life of disillusion and shadows. Together, we would dream of bringing light to the masses. Into the early hours of the morning we wold lay our plans for the great place that this world is, for the greatness that humanity can do. Never, not once, did anyone speak ill of the other. Long walks home after late evenings proved that many times. We dreamed, we provoked, we stood up, we spoke and we acted. We wanted to become the best of the best. The few, the ones that would live forever. We dreamed.

I think; we still do. Because once you realize it, the thought is difficult to purge from ones mind. Hide it, yes. Put it away for some time while other matters are resolved. But to forget our dreams? No way. We still dream. Not so openly arrogant as before, but we still know. We will do it.
Look at me?
Tell me what you see, you ain’t seen the best of me yet
Give a few more years and you will forget the rest
There is much more in me
Together, we will set it free
Because I can catch the moon in my hand
Do you know who I am?
Remember my name. I am going to live forever. I have to.

Do I know myself? Yes, unfortunately, I think I do. And that my friends, shall make all the difference.

ligHts uP

Knowing yourself

Yes, we might well ask the question how well do others know us. There are always moments when we ask ourselves whether the others do know us at all. Or there are those moments when we hope they don’t know us too well. Because there are those dark areas of ourself that we don’t want everyone to see… or maybe don’t want to see and know ourself.

I think more important than to worry about how well others know us, we should be happy to know ourselves. The fact that we know there are dark areas in us, makes us better people. Awareness of the bad things will help us to keep them locked up.

The human mind is a really strange place. Humans are able to bring good to the world as well as evil. History tells us this in many examples. But the important thing to remember is, that we have a choice. We can decide where we want to go with our life. And knowing about the possible bad things we might be able to do will help us find the bright path through life.

Others might know us, but knowing about ourselves is essential.

Good morning Sunday!


How well do we really know the friends we make in adulthood? And in the age of lies, what can be made of the person who tells untruths so small they serve no obvious purpose?

I hope you know me. I think you do, I believe I have laid bare all my sides. I have shown you, my friends, both strength and weakness, so that you may know me for who I am. I think I know you too. I believe I can tell, from the sound of your voice or the look on your face, how your day has been, how you are feeling and if you need help or not. We have shared things with each other that no one else will ever know. Moments, thoughts and self-realizations so strong, dangerous even, that we have had together and which makes us tied together.

Sometimes though, I wonder. Perhaps it is only possible to know one person to a certain extent. Perhas some parts of brain and heart is locked, no matter how close we get. It is so easy, in our age of digital life, online anonymity and short conversations with people we hardly know, to create something that isn’t true. I don’t think I do. But sometimes I feel like there is a forbidden place inside me, where thoughts that should never exist come and go. Thoughts that would perhaps even you change your mind. And I don’t know where it comes from. Or if it matters. Perhaps we are all like this? Do we all have a secret, dark part of our mind, where things are best left alone?

I don’t know. I hope you know me. I do my best to understand and to be understood. But to understand, to truly comprehend the complexity of another human being, one must first know all there is to know about it. Both body and mind. And I am not sure if that is possible. Some things are best left alone. Some thoughts are perhaps best left untouched. Locked away. Where no one will ever know they existed.

I hope you know me. But sometimes, I am not sure.

random thoughts of Human Perplection


I have begun working on a new look for the page, taking advantage of some of the recent years development in XML / AJAX technology. However, I am unsure as to which design direction we should take.. I think I’m aiming for a clean “classic” look, but I also have some ideas for more “modern” sites… what do you think? We can easily revert back to the old look if we want, as all settings are stored in the system. Let me know!