Eyal’s theory of Relativity…

The words quickly and slowly are so vague, as they can only be measured in relation to the speed of other things respectivley, the rabbit is faster than the tortoise, the bicycle is faster than the rabbit, the car faster than the bike, train faster than the car and bullet faster than the train. So the tortoise in this example is slow, until you compare it to continental drift…

I suppose the point i’m making badly, is that in life we will always be faster than some people and slower than others (I don’t need to remind you about how long it takes me to do the washing up) There is nothing wrong with living at our own pace while everyone else works at theirs… but there is one thing to be careful of, and I think the best way to convey this is through a quote by Ghandi;

“There is more to life than simply increasing it’s speed.”

Hans, last time you came to visit me you mentioned that you cannot wait for the days, in several years time when you have already escalated to the level you want to be at. That all of these years in the middle is just time to be endured… and I at times feel exactly the same. But they’re not, waking up in early winter to see the sun shining is not a moment I would have liked to have skipped over, and when I am laughing with my brother so much that I have no breath left in my lungs, when I am sitting in my room playing catch. at those times and countless others like it I wish time would stop and I could exist for eternity in that moment.

There are people who move slowly in life, and people who move quickly in life, but I don’t think speed is the issue, I think it’s pace. The question you should ask yourself isn’t “Am I going to fast for everyone else?” it should be “am I going to fast for myself?”.

Everyone gets there In their own time.

the world spinns so slowly…

This will sound strange, for there is no way I can talk about how I perceive the world without it coming out as odd.

It feels like the world moves so slowly, at least through my eyes. I feel like I am running, while most people are just walking. I think I have spoken of this before, but I have this feeling that I am always quicker to realize what is going on, that I’m always the first to find out where to go, how to get there. – It’s like I’m always leading the rest, unaware though, just by chance. It feels like it takes forever for other people to grasp the meaning of things, understand a situation or come up with a solution to a problem, and I feel like I often get comments on the speed of which I do things.. but I don’t feel like I do things particularly quick. I do things in my own pace, yet to others it seems, I am sprinting through life…

I’m really not. I’m not cleverer or faster than everyone else. I just have this feeling sometimes. It’s not a bad feeling, and perhaps it is just a matter of perception.

This feeling, that,

tHe world sPins so slowly


Sorry, no posts from me lately. This is my last day in Shanghai, so I will find time to write something when I get back on Tuesday or Wednesday I hope. I have been writing about the Shanghai adventures at hpjenssen.com/hp – read it if you would like to know some more about this monsterous city in China.

Back soon.

still in sHanghai and Pudong

The fear of the people we may become…

I have an uncle who I love dearly, but would never want to be like. He’s a very intelligent man, a very good chemist, or at least he was in his day, but spent his life striving for greater and greater things, he didn’t care about family or relationships and never asked for help, some would call him a proud man… I’m not sure if I would.

This uncle is now in his 80’s and cannot bask in the glory of his former successes. So spends his days at home, alone, waiting for a member of the family to come round, to take him food, or clean his flat or just spend time with him.

Many people use the line ‘I’m gonna reach the top of the world or die trying’  but what happens to the people who don’t reach the top, and don’t die trying but tire themselves out so much that they cannot do anything beyond surviving from day to day, in an ever failing body with no future prospects.

The people we become are based on everything, the ambitions we have, they way we look, the names we are given, the family we have, society we are brought up in, people we are exposed to in our lives, the colours of the trees in childhood, traumatic experiences, pleasurable experiences, out of our failures and our successes, the people we become is based on everything. Another important component in the area of conscious choice of how we see ourselves is our exposure to the people around us that we don’t want to become.

Fear… is a great driving force for change.

Evidently Inquisitive