Some Argentinian warmth.

So while Eyal was struggling with his icebox and not-breakfast, and Georg was enjoying spring, the very cold and very tired-of-snow Norwegians decided to go for a bit of dancing and hopefully some nice south american warmth. In short, we signed up for Tango lessons.

Actually, for one of the presents in Signhild’s advent calendar last year, I gave her a gift certificate for Tango lessons. Not by me obviously, that would be pointless, and incredibly amusing I’m sure, but at a professional instructor. So yesterday and today we have spent 6 hours learning the basics, avoiding stepping on each others toes and trotting around in a small venue downtown Oslo, learning, as the instructor called it, proper Argentinian tango.

And it was really fun. Now I’ve never done anything like this before, so the experience of learning a dance from scratch, with the basic positions and moves, although challenging, was a truly amusing experience! But it’s very dependent on whom you’re dancing with. We swapped partners a few times during the lessons, just to get a feel for dancing with completely strange people, and it really makes you aware of the connection that you have with your partner.

Apart from that, winter seems to finally have decided to start letting the firm grip slip a little, today was the first day since way before Christmas where it was only 0 degrees outside. Hopefully this means that the snow will start melting, the sun will start shining and the weather will generally be a little nicer… this has been a very long and very cold winter.

Hope to see you guys soon… where and what are you touring Georg?

HoPing for summer soon

Kick off III

I arrived in Leeds at about 10:30 last night and via many interesting detours due to uncrossable motorways in the middle of the city I made it to my friend Shiri’s place at about 11:00. It was good to see Shiri although her place reminds me of the reasons that I don’t miss student accommodation… I left her’s at about 11:45 and walked to the bed and breakfast I’m staying at which took me no more than about 20 seconds (horray). Upon arrival I was shown to my room which is a nice reasonably sized double bedroom with a little sink in the corner and a T.V. that is older than me (and probably weighs more). The lady told me that they had only just turned on the radiator so it’ll take a little while to warm up… I was still awake at 3am shivering because I wasn’t aware that instead of a bed and breakfast I had actually booked myself into an icebox for a week! I eventually got to sleep (at 5am) only to wake up to my alarm clock at 8 which informed me it was breakfast…

I got dressed and went to breakfast to find a quite well cooked full English breakfast waiting for me, which for those of you who don’t know, I cannot eat due to the sheer amount of pig on the plate… well so far in my bed and breakfast experience, the bed was less than unacceptable as it was in fact a block of ice… and the breakfast was (although more than satisfactory for anyone else) unsatisfying  for me. I went to my first day of rehearsals heavily exhausted and starving hungry, not to mention the headache from the flu I’ve been resisting for the past few days. I won’t go into explaining the rehearsal day but it’s reminded me how wonderful I feel when I’m doing the thing I love! I felt fantastic all day I went out for a large lunch with the writer (where I realised how hungry I was) and we made a massive amount of progress today.

I dreaded getting back to the Bed and Breakfast of doom for another miserable night, but upon my return the same lady from last night said that they had put an electric heater in my room and that they’re going to make me vegetarian breakfasts from now on!!! I am now sitting my wonderfully comfortable warm cosy room in my pyjamas eating a banana and am going to get an early night and hope that things will continue to progress in this vein!

Thank you for listening!

Kick off II

So this year seems the year of a lot of changes in all our lives. It’s a good thing. And so I thought I contribute to the new beginnings by leaving my current work place in May. From then on I will try to get going with the little project that Hans and I have been working on over the past months already.

Eyal is very busy as it seems with becoming his own production company 😉 and although I have designed The Memory of Water already, I will never ever forgive you this Eyal 😀 … as it looks like I will now be able to come around and see the show, so you two better design something great! Although I am sure this will be a great production.

Hans will also open up his own company to produce the biggest personal event in his life. I am looking forward to this show already. Oh… and let me just mention, that on whatever date this “event” will happen, I can only be booked as a guest 😀

So, Hendrik also seems to remain his hands in the theatre business, which is a good thing. In April and May we will be touring some parts of Europe with a pan (no joke), some lights, lasers and 3D video projection, so this is also a nice opportunity to work together again.

Today is something like the first day of spring here in Switzerland and it feels great to go outside again and just enjoy the sun and the fresh air. It feels like a big kick off already and we might eventually be at there at the right time and the right place…

Let’s go and see where this all leads us…

Kick off.

I guess tomorrow is the official kick off for what is surely going to be a lot of wedding planning. Wish us luck. We’re going venue scouting! We’ve just started thinking about this properly the past few weeks or so, and already, I’m realising this is a pretty hefty event to pull off… I mean, this is the one day in your life where you want everything to be just perfect. Nothing ever is though, so trying to come as close as possible will have to do. I shall keep you all posted.

We passed 100 registered readers on this blog yesterday by the way. Congratulations. Visitor numbers have gone down the past three months, hopefully we’ll get them back up with Eyal’s new strategy of increased activity. Hope you all are doing well. We would love to get more comments though…

Signing off.

tHe Production manager

Natural selection?

I read this article today about releasing mosquitos that would transmit a sort of ‘lame’ set of genes that would decrease the wingspan of future generations of mosquitoes so that they wouldn’t be able to fly and thus would decrease the spread of their diseases.

Below is a link to the article:

Now I have a problem with this… surely by releasing these ‘lame’ mosquitoes into the environment all we’re going to end up with are two types of mosquito in the next generation, one is the ones we hoped for, the ones that are unable to fly and cannot spread disease, and the other are the ones that didn’t breed with the modified mosquitoes and are completely normal.

so essentially what they wanted to happen did, we decreased the amount of mosquitoes that can spread disease and thus the amount of disease. this is where the problem starts for me, mosquestoes spread disease my feeding, and by stopping them feeding you essentially kill them off, which is great apart from the fact that you want your new genetically modified mosquitoes to live and the wild ones to die… so infact all we’ll do is inhibit one or two generations from spreading disease until they all die out, and the vacuum they leave in their wake will allow all of the people and animals that they would have killed to thrive…. sounds good right…

Apart from the fact that the mosquitoes that were unaffected have now got an overpopulated feeding ground and very little competition so they will also thrive, and within 2-3 generations we’ll be exactly back where we are now.

to blog or not to blog

That really is the question.

I think the problem I’ve had lately with the blog is that I haven’t been sure what has been ‘appropriate blog material’. I feel that as the conversations sort of took off on a level of thinking that we cannot hope to maintain that every now and then we need to bring them back down to basics. To that end I am going to tell you about the mundaneties (i’m not sure if that’s a real word but if not it should be) of my life.

Biggest thing so far is that I’ve finally gotten off my ass and booked a theatre space with my own hard earned money so I can put on a production of ‘The Memory of Water’ in July, I have now got to work my ass of in other jobs so that I can afford the rest of the production costs as well as the rent of the theatre… it’s a mad step to take but I’m sick of waiting around for producers to get their asses moving so I’m just doing it myself. (For anyone that’s reading who is in the London Area come see the Memory of Water at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre from July 13th – 31st!) And our very own Hendrik Thomas is coming to London to design the lighting (sorry Georg but you’ve already designed this show :-P)

Speaking of Hendrik… he should be in London/Liverpool now and I am waiting for him to call me to tell me when he’s coming so I can book the space for him to see…?

Anyway, my original plan was to put on a small season of shows through the summer, a new writing double bill in the ETC Theatre, The Memory of Water at the Lion and Unicorn and a short classic at for the Camden Fringe festival, so I could have had a nice repetoire of shows all quite quickly, unfortunately due to every producer I met with thinking I’m a complete lunatic for wanting to do so much, time got a away with me and the spaces have been booked up, and the funds are now just going to be put into the one play…

I now have to run and meet Hendrik in town and shall return to give more information a little later!

Eyal Israel , Blogging not Philosophising! (much)


Is the blog dying?

Where is everybody? I wonder what you are all doing. Are we all so happy that we have no inspiration to write anything?

still Here P.