and the things we take with us…

In front of you there is nothing but solid rock. It’s surface smoothened by centuries of running water. Perfect, sublime yet towering. A work of art by nature itself. To climb over it? Impossible. To go around it? It has no begining and no end. The only way to the other side is through it. And to go through it requires great calm and great power. You have no choice but to sit down and meditate on this, this moment in your life where everything else seems worthless. To go through a wall like this, you have to find your perfect moment, the moment where everything is aligned with everything. Only then will the microscopics of this universe allow you to pass through the wall, simply like it is not there. But you have to go through the wall, and you can only take yourself with you. Your clothes, your cellphone, your credit card and your passport, they all have to stay behind.

But all that you have inside you can come. Your thoughts, your dreams, hopes, despair, anger and love. All this can come with you. Should you choose to do so. If I should wish, I would hope you’ll take us with you. In your thoughts, if you remember, we are always there. Take with you the ones you love and care for. And they’ll be there too, on the other side. If you remember.

Find the perfect moment. Go through the impossible wall. Take us with you. And we will be there. Forever, as swaying trees in the wind, as shimmering stars on the evening sky, as the rising morning sun and the eternal everest, we will be there.

Take us with you and we will be there.

find tHe Perfect moment

Of dreams

How important are our dreams? Is dreaming something that we need to do? By dreams I don’t refer to the ones we have at night, but the ones we constantly have in our head. The ones that set our life goals after which we are after.

Whenever I hear this song (see below) the first note that I listen to seems to trigger all my dreams and goals at once. To be able to shine lights onto a band like that, with music like they produce and in front of such a large audience, this is still my biggest dream. Only do I still not really see how…

But then we could ask the question what would happen if we reached all our dreams very easily, what would we do then? Simply dream of new things? I don’t think it is that easy…

And yes Hans, it is because of people like your brother, but also because of the people we were together with in our Brookfield Lodge that things will eventually become better. Or maybe at least we will keep the balance against all the dull people. That may sound arrogant and probably is, but I know that you know that we simply don’t care.

All the best to you guys, wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing. This is one of those moments when I really miss certain comfy chairs, juggling balls and half half…

Great dreams may come true…

My brother, my hero

I realised today, that the answer to the last question of my previous question is simply; no. You want to know why?

My brother Ed came to Oslo to visit us and work with me for two days today. We walked around town, had dinner and had a drink while reading some comics before going out to meet some more people. People I didn’t know. Friends of friends and so on… what struck me was how stupid I found the conversations. Really. Completely pointless things that where just plain stupid. Forgive me for beeing blunt, but it was. And I realised, my friends would never talk like this. My brother doesn’t either.

Like you, he cares. There is no one else in the world I would rather have on my side. He takes care of other people like they where family or lovers. He cares for everyone like they are the most important people in the world, and with him, they always are. We dance with the world, we live life as if there is no tomorrow. We rule the world together and we fight over it. We are best friends and the best working team there is (maybe just the second best…), and we care.

I realised lately how much he means to me. How much I truly care and love for him, how much I am willing to do for him. We have the greatest times together, we laugh and joke and the world spins around. And we care abbout everything. My brother, I will stand behind you on whatever endavour you may pursue, whatever adventure you may undertake, I shall be there too.

And it is because of people like him that we will be ok. Everyday heroes that cares about it all.

My brother, my hero.
The words written in ink on your arm, they are absolutely true.

Nulli secundus – second to none. How right you are.

my brother, How Proud i am

*On a side note, this is the 400th published post on the BrookfieldLodge blog! Crack open the champagne!

Our social inteligence

I have been wanting to comment on Georg’s post for a while, but I wanted to wait until I had the time to read and understand the subject more fully before I did so, as not to get the facts and figures wrong (in case I need them on my side).

One thing is the moral issue here. Should we all help each other to better ourselves and society? Definetly. Should those who are strong and resourceful help those who are weak and poor? Yep. Is it a human moral obligation to aide those who are less fortunate than yourself? I think so.

But for the sake of the argument, we can put all this aside. Forget moral obligation and ethical standards. Let go of community belief and beeing a good samaritan. And the vote still came out wrong. Why?

It’s stupid.

Yes, it’s plain stupid not to make everyone, not just the few, as smart and as good as they can be. You don’t blunt your blade before going to war. You don’t let half your country grow up without a proper education. In the long run, nobody benefits from this. People with lesser education tend to have more labour intense jobs, which means they are more prone to injury, which means they need treatment, and sickpay and all these things that will cost society millions of euros every year. They also work shorter, statistically, which means they cost more in pension when they retire.

All these things will have to, eventually, be paid for by taxpayers money, which also include those who have more money and are happy leaving things they way they are now… the taxmoney could have been spent on further improvement of the schools, the healthcare system or taking care of the old people, but no, they decided to keep it the way it is. Plain stupid.

I think one thing is to be worried about our social concience. I guess this we can change over time. But the social inteligence?

Maybe we’re fucked after all.

Has stoPped beeing surprised