the people of today

I wonder what the people of tomorrow will think about the people of today. Will they read about us in history and think in awe about the great things we accomplished. Will they read about the ones who conquered all plagues, erradicated war and brought humanity into a new era of compassion and peace. Or will they read about the generations that destroyed our homeworld, that spent all the resources and ruined international relations for all forseeable time.

Will they look at our technological revolution as the beginning of the end, or as the beginning of the new world? For this is where we have come now. We are at a point in our evolution, technological progress and interhuman relations where we, and I mean we; the whole of humanity, must make a choice. Do we stand back and watch, let the chaos and carnage happen? Do we let the world fall to the problems of our fathers? … or do we act now, do we let our anger and rage change the world forever?

I’m 25 years old. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in 12 months time. But I will do it with all my passion and energy. I did not create the problems of today, but they are my problems, and I have to solve them. I didn’t bring the world to this state of terror, but it is my world, and I have to live in it. I will do it with all my passion and energy because this is the only way it will ever work. We all have to do what we do, as good as we can, as persistent as our will lets us, and as arrogant as our courage tells us.

I see people my age everywhere, dreaming great dreams and willing something with their life. Don’t you see, we are a genetation of dreamers, visionaries and we will change the world. We have started to fix all that is wrong, all the things you did before we came, we will fix it. Just give us some time. And don’t try to stop us.
I did not create the problems. But they are my problems. And I will fix them.

I wonder what the people of yesterday would think of the people of today.

for yesterday and all tomorrows, we dance the best we know.

tHe Problem?

I know when it was…

There were two of them.

– the first, in retrospect, quite obvious; we were in the PMA, watching a really badly lit dance piece, it was our first week together, and Eyal, sitting next to Katrin, turns to me and says – I really want to be a lighting designer!

– the second, more subtle, yet still defining for us as what we want to be – in the PC suite on 5th floor, Didrik and I were having a conversation about Mac’s versus Vari-Lite. Didrik exclaims – Mac (…) they’re the greatest… upon which I reply – they’re good, but Vari-Lite still has the edge. At this point Georg chips in with what, which in retrospect I’m sure he regret ever saying – Hans is right, (…) I think the VL’s are better.

Inconsequential conversations one might say. But truly, life defining moments they turned out to be. For what would any one of us be without the other?

notHing without Passion