All things end, and now we have reached the end of yet another story. We have followed the boy and his friends through an imagined world so fantastic and detailed that we all wished it was real. We’ve learned about magical creatures, potions, spells and strange – new places. We’ve gotten a lesson in morale and friendship, what true honour and loyalty means. And through the story within the story, it is now over. It’s been over for a while, we’ve read the book, we knew how it was gonna end – but now it’s really over, now there’s no untold tale of the boy who lived.

The real magic of this, is that it has changed us, the world. The real magic is that this is a tale that will be told for generations. This tale will surely stand the wane of time, it will continue to enthral, excite and enrich the lifes of people for many years to come. Because it is a great story. Even I will say it was a sad moment to have it end, in the theatre today, the audience applauded, some cried and some, like me, just sat there, taking in the whole experience that these books and movies have given us – it’s over. That’s actually hard to realise. But it was a great story. And I’m glad we got to hear it.

It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great storyteller. Thank you Jo, for the story of a lifetime.

And finally, the signature I’ve been wanting to use since I started this,

Harry Potter

…and the world we see

The world we live in and the world we see, sometimes, they are not the same.

I’ve been feeling really strange for a couple of days, like I’m in between something and something else, like I’m just waiting for something to happen.. So I took my camera and went for a walk around town, to clear my mind, to see people – just to take a look at the world and how it’s doing really. What I found was a world full of ignorant, ugly and horrible people that have no taste in clothing or in cars. I kept seeing people and thinking how many idiots there must be in the world – or that they all descended on Oslo on the same day…

But this isn’t the world I live in. This isn’t the city that is home. My world, my city, is full of beauty. My world is full of interesting, intelligent, funny and passionate people. My world is full of compassion, faith and love. Everyday, I work with people who care as much as I do, I talk to brilliant engineers and artists, I see loving couples on the bus and old people holding hands in the park. I see the rich lady helping the homeless and the volunteers all trying to make the world a better place to live. I spend my days with the love of my life. My world is full of love, full of passion and of great good.

I just have to choose to see it. I have bad days and good days. I see bad people and good people. My world is full of hate and of love. My world isn’t perfect.
It just is. We just have to choose what we see some days.

tHis is my world, it’s Perfect.
this is my world, this is how I see it.