the return of the swiss guy and Georg’s day!

Long time since the last post now, about time we update you on whats going on in the Brookfield Lodge. Actually, its been a fairly uneventfull week, with dull classes in autoCad and one nice one in contextual studies. Except for Wednesday, which was fun. We had a special occasion gentlemens club in honour of Georg, and then we decided to go to the airport and greet the swiss guy, which we knew was returning that night, just not when. 

So the five brave explorer of the BLS-1 team set out on a perilious journey, involving hazards such as waiting at the bus stop and riding a cab. Armed with party hats and a homemade Swiss flag, courtesy of Rene, we finally made it to the Liverpool John Lennon airport and took up positions around the arrivals gate. The tension and excitement was so thick and heavy you could cut through it with a knife… the waiting had begun.

“Where is he?” “Did we miss him?” “Are those people coming from Switzerland?” “Is that him?” and “Did someone leave the cake out in the rain?” where questions that soared through the air intermixing with the absent of static from the radio communication system we didn’t have.

More people came, with skiis and snowboards, apparantly Swiss, then, a man with a taxfree bag from a Swiss airport… he must be close! And yes, there he is; all teams, move in! Joy, happyness, warmth and a feeling of pleasure erupted in the crowds, he was back, finally! We broke in to a party, and party hats where issued to all essential personel, and our pr department promptly photographed and documented the whole event!

All that was left was a bus ride home and another drink when we got there.

BLS-1 signing off.