The norwegian, 3 Swiss people and homemade Pate.

Im afraid that today is a sad day indeed in the Brookfield lodge, not more than an hour ago there were 3 swiss people at this house, and now they are no more, they were last spotted boarding a plane to Switzerland… wherever that may be, this raises our M.I.A count up to 4, including the Norwegian, but on this note i have some news, the fifth members body has been found, and im sorry to report, some sick bastard, left him out in the rain, and i know i know i don’t think i can take it, because it really took so long to bake it, and i will never….. ever…. get that recipe again. On a slightly brighter note there is STILL home made Pate left by the Norwegian, so we are ok on supplies! End of transmission. Next transmission unconfirmed.