It has begun!

Besides Eyal leaving cakes out in the rain and Georg forgetting to categorize his posts, summer’s going pretty well! We have 26 degrees in the shadow for the 7th day in a row now, so it really is summer up here as well!

Yesterday, my riggers started building the stage for Ozzy Osbourne, we’re using an all prolyte truss with groundsupports stage, so it’s going really fast as opposed to last years scaffolding stage… The sound and lighting will go in tomorrow, 12 hours before doors, so it’s going to be a hectic day finishing it off in time. Meanwhile, I am going to start building my circus tent for the summers first circus show today, which I am looking forward to! It will be nice doing some proper work again, and finaly get to actually do some lights… you’d think being at LIPA, we’d do lighting all the time, but for some reason…. hmm.. well..

I’m pondering sending someone an e-mail asking for evaluations of some modules that passed long time ago, we’ll see how that goes.

I have to go now, some gobo’s to swap around in my 550’s… I will see some of you in Germany I hope! In the meantime, enjoy summer!

light oHPerator