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So, we just finished the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 here in Oslo. I don’t know if you saw it, but if you didn’t, take a look at this; possibly the best interval act ever?

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Some Argentinian warmth.

So while Eyal was struggling with his icebox and not-breakfast, and Georg was enjoying spring, the very cold and very tired-of-snow Norwegians decided to go for a bit of dancing and hopefully some nice south american warmth. In short, we signed up for Tango lessons.

Actually, for one of the presents in Signhild’s advent calendar last year, I gave her a gift certificate for Tango lessons. Not by me obviously, that would be pointless, and incredibly amusing I’m sure, but at a professional instructor. So yesterday and today we have spent 6 hours learning the basics, avoiding stepping on each others toes and trotting around in a small venue downtown Oslo, learning, as the instructor called it, proper Argentinian tango.

And it was really fun. Now I’ve never done anything like this before, so the experience of learning a dance from scratch, with the basic positions and moves, although challenging, was a truly amusing experience! But it’s very dependent on whom you’re dancing with. We swapped partners a few times during the lessons, just to get a feel for dancing with completely strange people, and it really makes you aware of the connection that you have with your partner.

Apart from that, winter seems to finally have decided to start letting the firm grip slip a little, today was the first day since way before Christmas where it was only 0 degrees outside. Hopefully this means that the snow will start melting, the sun will start shining and the weather will generally be a little nicer… this has been a very long and very cold winter.

Hope to see you guys soon… where and what are you touring Georg?

HoPing for summer soon