We can make the future.

We can make the future. And what a perfect opportunity it is to begin a new phase of our dreams. A new decade, a new chance. I am afraid that the decade just passed will be remembered as the decade of terrorism and war, of climate change and of human suffering. Let’s make sure this one doesn’t get the same legacy. Let’s make it about peace and understanding, about action and compassion.

And let us begin with ourselves. The saying is that if you save one life you save the whole world. So think about which life you can save. Someone you can help. Maybe someone needs a few hours every week, or maybe someone needs a lifetime. It doesn’t matter. Another saying is that with great power comes great responsibility. The strong should help the weak, it’s the principal part of beeing human, we don’t leave our weak and our poor to suffer and die, we help them. Thus, we have a responsibility to our kind – to help the ones in need of whatever aid we can offer.

It seems we, the BLS have set itsef into motion in the way that (on my part) was always intended.

let’s HelP each other


Following on from a conversation I had with Eyal over a week ago, I started thinking about what we can do, and what we must do. What is our responsibility, if we have any at all.

We are all human. Every single one of us are of the same kind. The same brand if you like. Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The walking, thinking and creating ape. And if we are all the same, does that not mean that we all have the same rights? We are all entitled to the same things, we can make the same claims? Claims of freedom, freedom of speach, the right to habeas corpus, food, clothing, clean air and a healthy planet. If but one of us wishes for a cleen earth, do the rest have a right to deny that? Do we not have the same right to this planet?

We do. We have. Because no one can own what is not theirs to own alone. No one can rightfully destroy wha t is not theirs. No one can claim themselves better or more just than others by default. No one can pretend that there is only themselves. We have a responsibility to each other, and not just the people we know, but every human being there is, to respect and to honour their wishes and rights so that they may also live their lifes in peace and prosperity. This is why those of us who are stronger and richer must see to those who can not fend for themselves, because we are all of the same kind, we must all take care of each other.

We can all do our part. We must all do our part. That, is our responsibility. Different people can do different things, this is a consequence of who we are and where we are in life. Some people simply have more to give off, or things that affect a larger number of people. The important part is that we all do something.

Do something, we, us, the few who write and think alike can also do something. And it’s time we did something about it. If you will, there are things to discuss and then things to do.

Watch your mailbox. It’s about time.

tHe fun Part starts now