The end is near. Period.

I know most of you guys is not directly affected by an effect, that is currently happening: The Euro is dying. If you read between the lines of what experts say or even what some experts are actually saying, the currency of the European Union cannot be saved. It is almost certain, that there will be massive inflation at some point in the future. How long we have until we reach this point? That is the question, but not, if it is going to happen.

I know, that a lot of people at home will say, that this is a great thing in a way. As they never wanted the Euro in the first place. And it is right. If there had been a referendum on the implementation of the Euro in any of the current Euro-countries, probably none of them would be trading in Euro today. For Germany it has been a fare-well of one of the most stable currencies of all times. And it hurt. Especially as this already meant the first inflation, when the only thing that was converted correctly into the new currency was your salary, whereas the prices of every day groceries and supplies were not adapted as fussy as was your monthly income.

Yes, I understand that this is the common thinking. But the worst thing that can happen is that the Euro is dying. We are all tied together in such a tight and multileveled way, that the consequences will be fatal for everyone. The situation a few weeks ago, when the Swiss Frank was traded 1:1 with the Euro was the point when it became evident, that nobody, even the neutral Swiss can withstand the impact of such a monster that the Euro has become. It is a huge part of the western world, that has one common currency now and if one part of the Union (like Greece) goes down, the rest will follow. Again, maybe not in that very moment, but eventually.

Greece cannot be saved. No matter how much money the other members of the Union will pump into the really rotten system of the country. But by doing exactly that, the system makes a mockery of itself. All the measures that were originally in place to control things like national debt have been ignored by almost every country by now on several occasions and in some cases right from the beginning. By pumping more money into completely wrecked systems where you will never see the money again, the European Union is acting against any stabilizing measures that are (or were) in place. This is why there is no hope for the overall system.

The ones that will once again lose everything will be the majority of the people. Like all the other times, when the currency had to be replaced, the only ones that did not lose anything were those that didn’t have anything in the first place or had enough resources (in money) to escape the system before it failed. For everyone else, the normal citizens, that probably saved up some money over decades and decades, these really hard-earned savings were lost and degraded to seed capital. The winners will be the few big spenders, sitting in a bank right now, trying to make to most of the situation. They will try to escape the problem when it reaches its peak by flying off to a warm place somewhere else in the world with their private jet.

What makes me angry about the situation is, that the government in Germany as well as in any other European country does not play by their own set rules. And now that they know about the dramatic situation they have manoeuvred us all, they are not telling us the truth. They will be playing their game until the very end. And then they will say, we are sorry, but it is all over now and we have to start again. It is a shame you lost everything, but hey, life goes on.

In fact it does go on. But our political leaders are nothing more than marionettes of lobbies and the “market”. The market dictates the policy. Really? Well, it certainly does now. But it should not do so. Only a really small percentage of the citizens are actual stock holders. So how come that we all have to constantly read about the stock market and be shocked of what happens there? The market only dictates what the politicians have to do, because we let them dictate the rules. All that happens now is our own fault. We are easy to rule. We don’t stand up, we don’t force politics to do what is best for most of the people. Because at the moment, politics decide on things that are best for only a few people. We think we live in a free world, with maximum participation in the way our countries are ruled. But we are not. And it is our own fault.

We have to stand up and refuse to accept this. We are the people and we have granted a few people the right to decide on things for us. In our sense and for the greater good of the majority. We grant a gouvernment the right to rule a country for a certain time. And I expect of people that we generously give the right to do so, to do the absolute best they can to server their people. It is us, that employ the gouvernment and therefore we have every right to withdraw the confidence again. And fire the ones that are obviously not acting for the greater good of the majority of the people.

It causes me great sorrow but I hope that we will learn that we are the people. And it is our country.