It’s still cold. Godamnit.

Outside it feels like winter and spring is still fighting it out over who’s gonna be in control the next few months. I hope for everybodys sake that spring wins. I am so tired of freezing, beeing wet, having snow everywhere… and, oh, did I mention freezing?

I mean, I am good, I take my vitamins, my fish oil pills, I eat healthy and I wear home knitten wollen socks. I do my part. Now it would be great if nature would do it’s part, and keep winter to official winter months, and let spring have it’s way as soon as February ends. But no, somehow, someone didn’t get the memo. At some point, when I can afford it, I am either a) buying a 18k lamp and putting it in a crane outside my window or b) moving to a warmer place in winter. (I will still come back for christmas, as I need to have snow then… ) Yeah, I know, I’m being slightly demanding here now… but seriously, if everyone would just do as I say then we would all live in peace. Really.

And that was my point. Listen to what I am saying. Yes, I’m talking to you. (not you Eyal… (or Georg))

lead, follow or get out of tHe way Please

(and yes, I know how it’s spelt)

Kick off.

I guess tomorrow is the official kick off for what is surely going to be a lot of wedding planning. Wish us luck. We’re going venue scouting! We’ve just started thinking about this properly the past few weeks or so, and already, I’m realising this is a pretty hefty event to pull off… I mean, this is the one day in your life where you want everything to be just perfect. Nothing ever is though, so trying to come as close as possible will have to do. I shall keep you all posted.

We passed 100 registered readers on this blog yesterday by the way. Congratulations. Visitor numbers have gone down the past three months, hopefully we’ll get them back up with Eyal’s new strategy of increased activity. Hope you all are doing well. We would love to get more comments though…

Signing off.

tHe Production manager

We can make the future.

We can make the future. And what a perfect opportunity it is to begin a new phase of our dreams. A new decade, a new chance. I am afraid that the decade just passed will be remembered as the decade of terrorism and war, of climate change and of human suffering. Let’s make sure this one doesn’t get the same legacy. Let’s make it about peace and understanding, about action and compassion.

And let us begin with ourselves. The saying is that if you save one life you save the whole world. So think about which life you can save. Someone you can help. Maybe someone needs a few hours every week, or maybe someone needs a lifetime. It doesn’t matter. Another saying is that with great power comes great responsibility. The strong should help the weak, it’s the principal part of beeing human, we don’t leave our weak and our poor to suffer and die, we help them. Thus, we have a responsibility to our kind – to help the ones in need of whatever aid we can offer.

It seems we, the BLS have set itsef into motion in the way that (on my part) was always intended.

let’s HelP each other

Eyal’s theory of Relativity…

The words quickly and slowly are so vague, as they can only be measured in relation to the speed of other things respectivley, the rabbit is faster than the tortoise, the bicycle is faster than the rabbit, the car faster than the bike, train faster than the car and bullet faster than the train. So the tortoise in this example is slow, until you compare it to continental drift…

I suppose the point i’m making badly, is that in life we will always be faster than some people and slower than others (I don’t need to remind you about how long it takes me to do the washing up) There is nothing wrong with living at our own pace while everyone else works at theirs… but there is one thing to be careful of, and I think the best way to convey this is through a quote by Ghandi;

“There is more to life than simply increasing it’s speed.”

Hans, last time you came to visit me you mentioned that you cannot wait for the days, in several years time when you have already escalated to the level you want to be at. That all of these years in the middle is just time to be endured… and I at times feel exactly the same. But they’re not, waking up in early winter to see the sun shining is not a moment I would have liked to have skipped over, and when I am laughing with my brother so much that I have no breath left in my lungs, when I am sitting in my room playing catch. at those times and countless others like it I wish time would stop and I could exist for eternity in that moment.

There are people who move slowly in life, and people who move quickly in life, but I don’t think speed is the issue, I think it’s pace. The question you should ask yourself isn’t “Am I going to fast for everyone else?” it should be “am I going to fast for myself?”.

Everyone gets there In their own time.

the world spinns so slowly…

This will sound strange, for there is no way I can talk about how I perceive the world without it coming out as odd.

It feels like the world moves so slowly, at least through my eyes. I feel like I am running, while most people are just walking. I think I have spoken of this before, but I have this feeling that I am always quicker to realize what is going on, that I’m always the first to find out where to go, how to get there. – It’s like I’m always leading the rest, unaware though, just by chance. It feels like it takes forever for other people to grasp the meaning of things, understand a situation or come up with a solution to a problem, and I feel like I often get comments on the speed of which I do things.. but I don’t feel like I do things particularly quick. I do things in my own pace, yet to others it seems, I am sprinting through life…

I’m really not. I’m not cleverer or faster than everyone else. I just have this feeling sometimes. It’s not a bad feeling, and perhaps it is just a matter of perception.

This feeling, that,

tHe world sPins so slowly

Because the heart remains a child…

… I will never really grow up…

Look around you. Look at the people you are surrounded by. Look at the people you went to school with. People you shared time with some years ago…

A lot of people are already old people when they are not even really grown up. A lot of people look much older as they really are. And even more behave much older than they really are. So logical, so sensible and ever so clever. But the heart remains a child. And it will forever look at the world with a child’s eyes. It cannot see the complicated structures we usually see when we look at the world. When we are trying to understand the world and the things happening, we tend to get lost in our own complicated thoughts.

Our heart does not. It just looks at things with the very simple but true point of view a child has.

Why I am writing this? Simply because I stumbled across this saying and realised it is true. From so and so many people I went to school with, 80% are already behaving like old people. Too bad…

Finding Neverland and it’s adventures… in our own heart!

Pay it forward

Trevor has an idea how to make the world a better place: He is going to help three people that have had a bad time and are in a bad situation. He is going to do something for them which they cannot do. It has to be something big. Those three people then will pay it forward by doing something similar to another three people who need it. And so it goes on. It builds up extremely quick and in the end, the world becomes a better place.
This story starts in the social studies class of Mr. Simonet in the film “Pay it forward” and is based on the book with the same title. I watched it today, and in case you haven’t seen it yet, you should really change that! It is an amazing film, working with an ideal of the 11 year old boy Trevor. Mr. Simonet is new to the school and a little strange at first, when he asks the guys of the 7th grade to do make an effort to change the world. Because this would be what it is all about.

I am not going to tell you how the story goes on and how it ends. But along the way we are faced with the constantly repeating question of: “Can I change the world?” It is the questing whether we can do something, with our limited resources we might have. Well, the film gives an astonishing answer… be prepared for some tears along the way! Follow Trevor on the way to Utopia…

We can all give something to the world which might change it… because something always changes.